Natural wood-effect stoneware: the simple charm of nature

If you are into simple and minimalist natural spaces, if you have a strong desire to immerse yourself in natural environments, then this solution is just the ticket for you.

Natural wood-look porcelain stoneware is a material that respects the environment and thanks to the evolution of its textures faithfully reproduces the raw material.

Choosing wood-effect stoneware means making a conscious decision to respect the environment. Deforestation is avoided and thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of stoneware, such as its durability and the ease with which it can be cleaned, the surface will last longer.

Thanks to their veins and tactile qualities, imitation wood tiles are just like the real thing.

Let’s have a look at the different types of wood available, the sizes to choose and the possible environments that can be designed with our simple but extraordinary wood-effect porcelain stoneware.


Types of wood (that can be reproduced with porcelain stoneware)

 To choose the most suitable type of wood for your space, let’s take a look at the two collections that best express the diversity of this material:

-     Millelegni Remake by Emilceramica

-     Alter by Provenza


The first, Millelegni Remake by Emilceramica, is a collection that selects and reinterprets some of world’s most evocative woods and mainly consists of two different types of parquet-effect porcelain stoneware: Olmo, inspired by North American elms, and Rovere, oxidised Alpine oak, very fine and strong in character.  Six shades enhance the natural effect of the wood: Olmo dorato, naturale, sbiancato, tinto and Rovere ossidato and bruno ossidato.

The second collection, Alter by Provenza, emphasises the naturalness and authenticity of the wood-look stoneware and celebrates the various essences of an exquisite salvaged oak, processed and treated with injections of coloured resin. The colours range from very dark Bruciato to Noce, the most common shade, and through to the more neutral Miele and Sbiancato.


There is also great variety in the sizes of the two collections, which stand out for their imitation wood tiles.

Alter by Provenza comes in the most common sizes, 6.5x60 cm and 20x120 cm for the classic tiles, 60x60 cm for the decors and 5x5 and 30x30 for the mosaic.

Millelegni Remake by Emilceramica, meanwhile, comes in the sizes 20x120 cm, 25x150 cm and 40x120 cm.

In short, depending on the room you are decorating, your wood-look floor can be designed to exploit the opportunities offered by the combination of different sizes.

As well as floors we are also talking about wall coverings and decorations which can be designed with wood-effect tiles: for example, the Alter mosaic is the perfect solution for your kitchen backsplash or the inside of your shower cubicle. Unlike wood surfaces natural wood-effect porcelain stoneware is waterproof, antimicrobial and easy to clean, and this is why it can also be used in humid environments. 

As for imitation wood floors, there is no need to worry: they are completely faithful to real wood but boast all the technical performances of porcelain stoneware. The parquet effect in your living room will therefore be identical to the raw material but more resistant. Hard to believe, right?



 Natural wood-look porcelain stoneware is the perfect solution for enhancing your spaces, walls and floors. 

 Which rooms in your house can be decorated with wood-look tiles? The answer is simple: all of them!

That’s right, every space in your home can accommodate this versatile, natural and simple surface, which adapts perfectly to all kinds of styles: country, rustic, 18th century Provencal noble cottage and even more classic and traditional Liberty-era Italian living rooms. Right through to modern spaces where the wood effect is often combined with concrete-effect stoneware.

Let’s begin with the entrance to your home, the space where you welcome your guests at the end of a long day: design it with a warm-coloured wood-effect floor, such as an Olmo dorato from the Millelegni Remake by Emilceramica collection, to immediately transmit a sense of harmony to all those passing through.

Next is the living room, the focal point of the house, a place to relax, cultivate a hobby or have lunch sitting around a large round table. For the floor of this room there is no doubt: opt for a parquet-effect porcelain stoneware, a timeless classic in the real sense of the word. For example, choose Millelegni Remake tiles in Rovere bruno ossidato, the best option for an elegant, traditional and above all timeless style.

The parquet effect continues in the bedroom where it is at its most effective and eye-catching. In the gentle light of dawn, the wood-look stoneware expresses its extreme simplicity and innate naturalness to the absolute max.

Let’s finish in the kitchen, the most lived-in room of the house, breaking it up with an imitation wood floor that goes with the imitation wood wall tiles in a light Miele colour from the Alter by Provenza collection. A soft shade that leaves space for the creation of bolder kitchen tops, perhaps in marble- or concrete-effect stoneware.

Having walked through a home designed with wood-effect stoneware, now you are ready to experiment and throw yourself into a project inspired by one of nature’s most characteristic elements.

14 May 2021


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