Porcelain stoneware colored tiles

Tiles in warm or cool shades to create interiors in line with your style

Incredible potential for personalising design schemes thanks to Emilgroup's wide choice of colours. The right colour, combined with a porcelain stoneware look, creates an impressive visual harmony, for a welcoming, elegant interior. Every colour is suitable for a variety of interior design needs and the wide choice makes it possible to play around with shades and tones, to place the room in a perfect equilibrium with the light that surrounds it. On porcelain stoneware surfaces, more daring colours like yellow or red make the interior playful and fun, while colours like grey or beige renew the room's look with elegance and sophistication. The colours offered by Emilgroup are in line with the latest trends in the interior design world, with combinations that emphasise the characteristics of their locations. Try a variety of colour combinations to adorn both indoor and outdoor locations to offer a pleasantly immersive experience. Scroll through the Emilgroup collections to discover the best colours for every type of context.