Light grey tiles for bright, elegant and versatile environments

Light grey colour for a simple, elegant look, suitable for all locations

Emilceramica offers light grey in 2 floor and wall covering collections. Light grey is an elegant, neutral shade, with intriguing, subtle variations suitable for all types of interior design, for rooms in the home and indoor and outdoor public locations. This is a subtle yet attractive colour that adds beauty to all design schemes. To highlight the light grey colour even more effectively, a combination with wood is excellent: together, they give space a very natural simplicity, and create the ""shabby chic"" style which is now so fashionable in the design world. Collections that include this colour are perfect for decorating the kitchen of a private home or a public location, a living-room, bedroom or dining-room, or also a bathroom, terrace or garden. Light grey illuminates the entire space around it, the perfect backdrop for enhancing dark and light colours, creating a mood of harmony, security and intensity.


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