Stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles

Stone-effect porcelain stoneware collections for every architectural space

Emilgroup stone-effect porcelain stoneware combines an extremely compact structure with a special, natural aesthetic. For outdoors: a private or public garden, of the home, office or restaurant; the stone look creates the perfect blend of history and design, trendiness and tradition. For indoors: a large living-room or a kitchen, a restaurant dining-room or meeting-room; Emilgroup stone-effect porcelain stoneware creates a mood that refreshes the whole surrounding area, with a striking blend of the innovative and the classic. A stone-effect porcelain stoneware floor guarantees outstanding strength, especially in outdoor areas, more exposed to the weather and heavy loads. For both classical and contemporary design schemes, stone-effect stoneware provides a perfect match, with special, subtle colour inputs. A stone-effect floor gives public and private locations a style rich in meaning and prestige: where elegance and convenience go hand-in-hand.


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