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Natural tiles: simplicity to provide space for your furnishings

Natural tiles for simple, modern and innovative-tech environments

Emilceramica offers the Natural colour in 2 collections: Terraquea and Woodtouch. As its name suggests, this is an uncomplicated colour. Simple and tasteful, and not eye-catching, it gives prominence to the other furnishing features, so every corner of the design scheme receives the importance it deserves. Natural is perfect for a simple, essential yet high-tech, innovative design style. It can be chosen for large locations such as dining-rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, showrooms, entertainment venues, restaurants, and outdoor and indoor settings. Emilceramica floor and wall coverings in Natural colour convey a sense of peace and tranquillity throughout the location, generate an impression of lightness and allow the rest of the furnishings to take the limelight: the tables and chairs, the pictures, and any other ornamental features. Natural colour gives floors a special simplicity: it is just as it looks, clean and uniform, perfect for those who appreciate the originality of their living-spaces.


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