Porcelain stoneware bathroom tiles

Bathroom floor and wall tiles for interiors in unique style

Emilgroup porcelain stoneware is also ideal in bathrooms, with 62 collections of bathroom floor and wall tiles that add beauty to daily moments of intimacy. With a multiplicity of looks to choose from, every porcelain stoneware tile will make relaxation particularly special, creating moments of pure pleasure. Choose the more classical collections, guided by the stylistic traits of bygone times, or embrace innovation with contemporary tiles for the bathroom which will give it a very striking look. Porcelain stoneware is ideal for bathrooms, thanks to its anti-slip, non-absorbent properties, which provide a safer, more easily cleaned surface. With tactile combinations of the various looks, patterns and weaves available, the bathroom will be transformed from a room without character into a stunning interior. The high quality of the materials used ensures a longer lifetime and lower maintenance needs. Emilgroup's bathroom tiles are suitable for both large and small rooms, making the most of their potential and giving them an enviable design and aesthetic.


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