All the looks of Emilgroup porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware with lots of looks for design schemes with a unique style

As well as the excellent properties of the material itself, porcelain stoneware can be personalised using the many looks and textures available in our collections. Emilgroup is ceramic industry leader and its brands are known for their high quality; each one with a different story to tell, they are united by the reliability of porcelain stoneware. The vast range of looks enables you to choose the right style for your location, without sacrificing stoneware's excellent technical properties. The wood effect is ideal for creating a natural floor that imitates the finishes of a real wood parquet to perfection. The marble effect, on the other hand, gives a room a classical, elegant mood. Covering an interior with stoneware is an effective choice when convenience, variety of sizes and practicality are required, since this hard-wearing material does not need constant care and attention. Explore all the looks and the many collections in the catalogue and choose the one best suited to the room you wish to decorate. Installation is quick, which also cuts labour costs, guaranteeing enviable quality with impressive time savings.