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Light pink porcelain stoneware: elegance and refinement in pink shades

Pale pink tiles have gained popularity worldwide, becoming a feature of many design strategies

Emilceramica pale pink tiles are one of the new, trend-setting colours for 2019. Or rather, it has come back into fashion after a few years' break. It is a colour of Nordic origin that has gained popularity worldwide, becoming a feature of many design strategies. The use of pale pink for floor and wall coverings is a new version of the natural, healthy concept, which neutral beige and austere grey are unable completely to convey. Pale pink can be used as the key colour in living-rooms, kitchens, public and private locations, and indoor and outdoor settings. This shiny, gleaming colour provides the potential for very fashionable gloss-matt contrasts, in line with contemporary design trends. The best combinations for Emilceramica pale pink are with furnishings in darker colours like dark blue, very dark brown or even black.


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