Light blue tiles: make your environments more creative

Light blue tiles are ideal for attractive, tasteful design

Emilceramica uses its light blue tiles in its Narciso collection. A name that is an icon of beauty. Light blue is an innovative shade, whether used alone or in combination with other colours. Ideal for glossy wall and floor coverings, this colour mainly conveys a bright elegance. Bright blue symbolises communication through creativity, an essential ingredient in unique, attractive, innovative design schemes for interiors of all kinds. This shade has impressive communicative powers, while its lightness bestows creativity and innovation on the core colour. The Emilgroup light blue collection has strong visual impact, ideal for conveying harmony and contentment. A colour ideally suited to rooms for reflection and relaxation. The light blue collection is perfect not only for enhancing interiors’ luminosity and depth, but also for establishing a mood of comfort, order and good taste. The Narciso collection light blue porcelain stoneware tiles are available in the 30x60 cm, 60x60 cm, 9.6x29.4 cm, 29.4x29.4 cm, 29.4x59 cm, 59x118.2 cm and 120x278 cm sizes.


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