Black porcelain stoneware: an interplay of contrasts for your spaces

Black tiles to give interiors a chic, vibrant touch

Black tiles feature in no fewer than 38 floor, wall covering and ceramic slab collections. It is an eye-catching colour; design schemes featuring it are forceful and characterful, and in some ways also very luxurious, elegant and also distinctive. The choice of black is an opportunity for giving interiors a chic, vibrant touch. It can be used for the floors of the kitchen, bedroom, lounge or bathroom. This shade generates a special energy, conveying vibrations that influence the people using the spaces. People who choose black generally wish to create an elegant, striking home, location or interior. Black is perfect for combination with all other shades, since it is actually the absence of all colours, but it also has great potential when used as the only colour, combined with itself. It is perhaps more a masculine than a feminine colour, but its versatility is really very wide.


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