Brown porcelain stoneware: tradition and elegance for your spaces

All the shades of brown for porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles

The colour brown features in 30 collections of floor and wall tiles and coverings. It is a very classical colour, making it perfect for countless solutions: it adds style to a living-room, a mountain cottage, an entertainment venue, a restaurant or a shop, and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, in public and private settings. Brown is a colour that inspires trust, due to its connotations of classicism, tradition and elegance. It is a shade midway between red and black, which creates a welcoming atmosphere, ideal in particular for very large rooms, which are often lacking in human warmth. What can it be combined with? There are many solutions: a brown floor covering looks very good not only with beige, cream and sand colour furnishings, but also with very light greens and blues. What's more, one of brown's distinctive features is that all its shades always convey a mood of restfulness and wellbeing.


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