Red tiles: warm, modern and innovative environments

Red for modern, innovative design

Emilceramica red tiles appear in 6 floor and wall collections. The ideal locations for red include living-rooms, metropolitan terraces, showrooms, the dining-rooms of restaurants and homes, bathrooms and many other places. This colour is perfect for adding warmth to interiors and giving style to rooms with more simple, impersonal furnishings; it has a forceful, stimulating personality. All 6 Emilceramica collections featuring red are ideal for creating warm lights with modern, innovative design, perfect for generating strong but attractive contrasts, and for design schemes with class and elegance, and also in the Italian tradition. Red is famous for being the colour of love and passion, and so it is excellent for catching the attention and exerting attraction, and for generating a sensational, artistic mood. All interior design features, furniture, tables, sanitary fittings, chairs and armchairs will stand out attractively against the warm background of a red floor or wall covering.


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