White porcelain stoneware: a clean and sober all-white environment

White tiles: the elegant covering for every architectural location

White: simply the combination of all the colours. What could be better? It denotes purity, class and simplicity, and shows off the rest of the furnishings to excellent effect. An interior with white walls will be light-filled, increasing its perceived breadth and size. What's more, white wall and floor coverings have an impressive ability to highlight all the other items the room contains. What can be combined with white? There are three innovative design solutions: contrasting with black, a trend which creates elegant, impressive interiors; with wood, for a relaxing, simple combination; or total white, very much in line with the finest Paris apartments. White used as floor and wall tile colour combines simplicity, refinement, fashion and impeccable style, and fits easily into any context, from classical to modern, from indoor to outdoor, from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the office to the apartment, and from an entertainment venue to a showroom.


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