Green porcelain stoneware tiles: originality for living spaces

All the varieties of green colour tiles

Green tiles feature in 3 collections. Each of these has different characteristics, but they are all suitable for any location, such as a lounge, a kitchen, indoors, outdoors, a public or private location, and use, and are perfect for projects featuring ceramic slabs and floor and wall coverings. Green has always been associated with hope, even in design in some ways: it is a colour chosen to convey calm and serenity, and is therefore very much in fashion not only in homes but also as a shade for use in offices or other public locations. Combining green with other colours is very easy: it goes excellently with shades such as white, yellow, purple, grey, ivory, ochre and burnt Siena. In colour therapy, this colour symbolises harmony, and it is in tune with the hues of nature and wellbeing, calm and replenishment, so it is also excellent in settings such as bedrooms or kitchens.


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