Beige porcelain stoneware: for elegant and fashionable environments

All the variants of beige, in coverings for every architectural setting

Emilceramica beige appears in 52 floor tile and wall covering collections: throughout the whole selection, all the way from Extra Cotto to Elegance. It is a colour highly suitable for large spaces like living-rooms or a stylish designer kitchen, but is equally at home in attractive outdoor areas like gardens and verandas. Beige bestows elegance, warmth and light: it is the perfect colour for those seeking something classical but with just the right touch of personality, or who love subtle but well defined colours. Emilceramica beige provides ideal results, creating design schemes with the characteristics of good taste, sophistication and elegance. This colour is perfectly suitable for walls, where it gives light to interiors and expands the perception of spaces; truly classy and trendy, it is always stylish and never banal. Emilceramica beige is the basis for very natural, simple design schemes and derives its excellence from its absolute versatility.


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