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Porcelain stoneware tiles for contemporary spaces with a fresh look

Avant-garde style, constantly in search of innovation

To keep in line with the latest trend, choose majolica-effect porcelain stoneware: the wall covering that combines freshness, innovation, modernity and design. Emilgroup majolica-effect porcelain stoneware is perfect for freeing up projects' imagination and generating trend-setting combinations, ideal for designing both large surfaces and smaller interiors, with a unique style. This porcelain stoneware look is an evolution of the floor covering, given a much more modern, contemporary interpretation. The majolica floor covering is intended for public spaces and private homes; excellent for a living-room, a kitchen, a seaside house or a city home, it is also suitable for offices. Majolica-effect porcelain stoneware floors strike the right balance between elegance and verve, giving the whole design scheme a unique modernity and brightening it with fascinating light/dark contrasts. The shine and rich tactility of majolica are excellent for giving a location a simple personality that is still full of details, transforming minimal design into the trendiest style statement.


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