Interview with architect: Egion Studio

Interview with architect: Egion Studio


An elegant apartment in the splendid location of the capital of Andalusia, Seville. We had the details of the renovation told by A. Manuel Lopez, technical architect of the Egion Studio.


1. Could you describe the activities and peculiarities of your Company?


Our services go beyond the simple work of renovation, we believe in the ability of the architecture to spread feelings, this is why we are specialized in the implementation of single design project of houses and commercial spaces, full of style. Our technical training and belief in design have separated us from the reformist competition, we have chosen a path that today leads us to realize projects where residential and commercial interior design must be a distinction element that leads to success.   Aware of this, we feel like participating beyond our work, completely involving: the personalized service we give to our customers, mixed together with proposal of complicity and involvement during construction process, it allows us to feel each design project as ours.


2. Let’s talk about the Vivienda LM project


This complete renovation project located in the Barrio de Nervión, in the city of Seville, transforms an old apartment of just over 140 square meters into a new home. The previous distribution based on small and splitted spaces on both sides of a central hallway, is replaced by a new way of inhabiting the space. The common area is seen as a single room that brings together the lobby, the living room and the kitchen. An open and continuous space that, due to its shape, allows a separation of environments between kitchen and living room.In addition, the new home incorporates a new terrace in the kitchen area, which, together with the existing one in the living room, allows to increase visual spaces of the apartment and connect it more directly with the outside. On the other hand, the private rooms, such as the main bedroom and the two secondary bedrooms, are distributed more generously.


3. What were the design needs for this residential project?


Customer’s needs concerned renovation of the house about the distribution of the spaces and a more contemporary enviroments and materials selection. A large room for living room and integrated kitchen, a master bedroom suite, and two more bedrooms with work area. The goal was to create a space where the serenity and warmth of the materials were the main characters of the environment.

4. What are the features of Emilgroup ceramic products that you appreciated in the various phases of the project?


The flooring of the whole house was a very important aspect of the project. We were looking for a material that blend together higher perfomance qualities - resistant, long-lasting, hygienic and sustainable -  with natural design. We chosen the Provoak collection by Provenzaa porcelain stoneware series inspired by the different finishes of oak wood.  We’ve choosen Rovere Puro shade in the 20x120 cm sizes, to recreate the effect of the wood planks. We’ve appreciated the collection both for the texture, with elegant vein patterns that spread a simple and minimalist taste and for the low need for maintenance of this product.


5. Let's talk about renovation: do you believe that environmental and sustainability issues will continue in the coming years?


The sustainability issues will be central for future design. People will increasingly require healthy and welcoming environments, respecting the environment. Using this type of material is a great advantage for designers: porcelain stoneware, besides being a very versatile material, it’s resistant to stains, it’s long-lasting and it’s a very environment-friendly product. The longer a product lasts, the more sustainable it is, because it avoids using new resources to replace it or to maintain it. It is "conceived and programmed" to last over time.


6. In this context of changes and evolutions, given the situation, how does a sustainable material like porcelain stoneware stand?


Porcelain stoneware is one of the strongest building materials in the world. It is not affected by solar radiation, or contact with water, fire or changes in temperature. This contributes to its long life. It reduces the risk of fire and therefore prevents the emission of toxic substances. It’s an inert material, so it doesn’t release any type of pollutant in the environment. During its long life, porcelain stoneware requires a minimum maintenance effort for its conservation. In no case will it be necessary to apply aggressive, corrosive or toxic substances for cleaning. And because all this, the environmental impact is minimal. So, ceramic product is the perfect choice for the design and for the environment

01 March 2020


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