Marble-effect bathrooms: the elegance of porcelain stoneware

Marble is the most elegant and refined of materials, a tasteful canvas for producing both glorious and more solemn effects. The finest architecture, the sacredness of cathedrals, the power and delicacy of sculpted works that have become immortal. An evocative power that is faithfully interpreted by marble-effect stoneware tiles.

The marble-effect bathroom is the height of timeless elegance and class: echoes of the distant past and contemporary design ideas are brought together in unique and sophisticated coverings for the marble-effect bathroom, in artistic marble vein patterns.
A marble-effect bathroom is an excellent example of classicism which isn’t restricted by the canons of the past. On the contrary, thanks to the collections of marble-effect bathroom tiles identified by Emilgroup, the most contemporary trends are in evidence for a modern marble-effect bathroom that maintains its characteristic solemnity and elegance completely intact.
The use of marble-effect stoneware in the bathroom immediately creates a sophisticated, almost regal mood, regardless of the size of the space. The dialogue between the marble-effect tiles in the bathroom and water creates a dreamy, spa-like atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and concentrating on our wellbeing and the art of taking care of our surroundings and ourselves. Talking of art, flicking through the Tele di Marmo by Emilceramica catalogue you can admire some genuine works of art.

The timeless elegance of marble is embodied in tiles of strong aesthetic impact, a heartfelt tribute to its evocative and decorative power. To choose the perfect marble tiles for a modern bathroom, Tele di Marmo has four versions in natural and semi-polished marble, also available in large sizes (up to 120x120 cm) to enhance the already extraordinarily authentic effect of the covering, faithful to the natural slabs and at the same time embellished with original and decorative finishes. These include the Statuario Michelangelo “battuto di listelli”, the Frappuccino Pollock slats (doghe) and Calacatta Renoir. A collection that brings an undeniably artistic feel to every design project.

Luminous and refined surfaces with marble-effect bathroom tiles

One of the reasons that marble-effect bathrooms are such a sure fire winner, a solution unaffected by the foibles of fashion, is the sensation of luminosity, of brilliant and mottled surfaces, that they evoke, a promise of sophistication that only a marble-effect covering is able to keep.

The choice of colour plays a key role in the aesthetic appearance of the space and the general look & feel of a bright and tasteful marble bathroom. In this regard, white is a valuable ally. The purest and most classical expression of marble, material of choice of the great masters of sculpture, in lighter shades marble is able to visibly expand spaces (even smaller ones). Another tip for expanding the space is prioritising large-size marble surfaces when choosing marble-effect tiles for the bathroom. This kind of solution always manages to enhance the realism of porcelain stoneware with respect to the natural material. Larger tiles have fewer joints and also create a more linear and continuous aesthetic effect, recreating the opulence and majesty of large marble surfaces. Another intrinsic quality of marble is shine, a characteristic to be sought by choosing the most fitting colour for our design project, for a luminous and sophisticated marble-effect bathroom.

The Tele di Marmo Onyx by Emilceramica collection is an authentic celebration of the characteristic lustre of marble: its mineral facets, its 3D opalescence, the brilliance of its vein patterns. A mission to capture the typical light of the finest artistic expressions, embodied in four vibrant and sophisticated colour variants. Onyx - focal point of the collection - is therefore illuminated with contemporary and seductive sinuosity. Intriguing and highly striking marble-effect tiles for the bathroom: Ivory, Pink, Black, Blue, Green.

Easy-to-clean surfaces thanks to the marble-effect bathroom covering

For a marble-effect bathroom that is elegant and refined at all times, absolute cleanliness is a must. Thanks to research and the most cutting-edge processing techniques, porcelain stoneware is now able to guarantee excellent standards of quality both in terms of aesthetic effect and faithfulness to the original material, but also performance. This includes properties such as durability and resistance to wear, damage and chemicals. Unlike natural marble, which is delicate and sensitive to the corrosive action of solvents, marble-effect stoneware tiles are highly resistant to the chemical substances with which bathroom coverings can come into contact on a daily basis. With every Emilgroup solution, your marble-effect bathroom will be easy to clean with no risk of damage to the surface. Choosing marble-effect stoneware in the bathroom also means having a room that is clean at all times and able to bring out the beauty and charm of the marble. 

The quest for perfection: black marble-effect bathroom

Black isn’t the first colour that comes to mind when we think about the atmosphere of a marble-effect bathroom, but it is definitely an effective choice for classy and bold cutting-edge design projects. 

Black marble-effect bathrooms exude personality and aesthetic allure. The magic lies in the combination of interior design and ceramic: the painstaking attention to colours, the vein patterns on the marble surface. The result of this experimentation is a stylish and visually striking space in which the majesty of marble takes centre stage.

If you want a bathroom covering bursting with personality and sophistication, look no further than the Unique Marble by Provenza catalogue. The eternal majesty of marble and the ultra-modern spirit of resin come together to form a collection based on material contrasts. Five of the most beloved marbles in the world are given a new look. A game of mix and match between the three-dimensionality and the facets of marble and the solid and monochrome finish of resin. Every marble variant (from the pure white Paonazzetto to the intriguing and precious Sahara Noir) is available just in marble or in the Ambra version embellished with resin. An expansion of the design possibilities of a fascinating material which has maintained its artistic vein and elegance intact over the centuries as styles and colour trends have come and gone around it.

07 September 2022


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