Ventilated facades in a residential complex: interview with architect Roberto Leoni

The Studio Tecnico La Maison – Arch. Roberto Leoni architecture firm chose the Cornerstone by Ergon collection for the construction of this important residential complex in the centre of Como. Emilgroup collections were used for the innovative ventilated facades system, which gives the project an elegant and modern look without sacrificing high technical performance.
The project won in the Evolution category at the Emilgroup Project Awards 2023. During the award ceremony, we had an opportunity to interview architect Leoni.

Architect Leoni, how does it feel to have been awarded from among hundreds of architecture and interior design projects?

First of all, I would like to say that I am very proud and happy to have won in the “Evolution” category of the Emilgroup Project Awards. I was not expecting this. I want to share this award with all my staff and with Emilgroup, which gave me the opportunity to carry out this project using excellent products.

What made you choose our collections for your project?

The project involves a building with large facades and Emilgroup products, which are outstanding products that were mainly used for the external cladding using the innovative ventilated facade system. Emilgroup porcelain stoneware is a high-quality material that also contributes to the building’s longevity.

In this case, the project is set in a fairly complex context in the city of Como, and the use of Emilgroup products offered us a guarantee of quality and durability, fundamental aspects for a project of this scale.

Emilgroup porcelain stoneware is a special, iridescent material that offers many design possibilities. This can also be seen in the completed building, which has a rough structure, since it is a large building with a substantial volume. On this basis we needed a material that could help lighten this structure’s heavy impact, and Emilgroup products succeeded in this regard.

What did you like best about our collections?

We certainly appreciated the Emilgroup products’ flexibility in sizing materials and formats. Porcelain stoneware offers a variety of design possibilities. What can be achieved now with these products, which also come in very small thicknesses, was unthinkable years ago. It is now possible to carry out certain projects that used to be unachievable with stone since it involves much higher thicknesses. The various sizes offered by Emilgroup stoneware guarantee a very flexible range of applications.

How do you see the use of ceramics in future interior design?

I see a bright future for this material and its use thanks to its immense flexibility and number of potential applications. Emilgroup products enable many different applications. You only have to look at the use of your products in furniture, bathrooms and sanitary fittings.

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22 February 2024


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