An innovative, functional student complex

The Niagara College Welland Student Commons complex is upgraded using Stone Project by Ergon

Gow Hastings Architects designed the upgrading of the Niagara College Welland Student Commons (Canada), a modern complex of 35,000 m2 which accommodates the student community.

The project completely transformed the ‘70s campus, giving it a new, immediately recognisable, modern identity. The Stone Project by Ergon, in Grey Falda and White Falda colours in three different sizes, 30x60, 60x60 and 60x120, was chosen for its sustainability, excellent technical qualities and rich assortment of finishes and colour shades.

Discover the collections used

Stone Project collection tiles were installed in lines to create pathways to direct student traffic flows. Moreover, the Grey and White colours were alternated to demarcate zones intended for different activities: for example, the darker tiles combined with green glass walls were used to identify relaxation areas, creating alcoves for study and socialisation.

The “Niagara College Welland Student Commons” project was chosen as one of the winners in the Institutional category at the “Ceramics of Italy Tile Competitions 2021”, the 28th edition of the competition held each year to select the best architectural projects undertaken by North American architects using ceramic Italian tiles worldwide.


Photo Credits: Scott Norsworthy