Attic with a view in Seoul

Unique Travertine ensures harmony and character in a luxury open space

Bidi Interior developed the project using shades of white to create a clean and modern design, as requested by the client.

Discover the collections used

The versatility of Unique Travertine has won over Bidi Interior, which chose the collection for an important project to refurbish an attic with breathtaking views of the Seoul skyline, in South Korea. “Thanks to its various finishes, Unique Travertine enabled us to divide up the space with real character, preserving the harmony with the rest of the design”, explain the Bidi Interior team. “We used the Minimal 60x120 finish for the floors while for the bathrooms and walls of the living room we opted for the evocative Veincut 60x120 version. For the stairs we chose the 90x180 size, again in the Veincut finish. Each finish divides the open space according to purpose, at the same time ensuring perfect harmony and giving a sense of oneness to the entire attic.”

Special thanks to BIDI INTERIOR and SANGAH TILE.