Level Stone by Level

The versatile stone-look in large sizes for modern architectural design.

Ceramic slabs in the unrectified 162x324 size with 12 mm thickness, for the fashioning of items such as counters and backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms, worktops, tables, doors, seamless covering solutions for floors and walls, and other elements, including for outdoors, with a degree of detail, versatility of application and personalisation that was previously unimaginable.

Level guarantees the highest degree of freedom of expression and is the ideal medium for architectural design in step with the latest, most innovative trends.
Level Stone - 2527

Quality and certified safety for food preparation.

Sizes and colours

6,5 mm

160x320 cm

12 mm

162x324 cm

20 mm

162x324 cm





R9 DIN EN 16165 Annex B

Wet ≥ 0.42 WET DCOF

> 0.40 B.C.R.A.

Naturale 20MM

R9 DIN EN 16165 Annex B

Wet ≥ 0.42 WET DCOF

> 0.40 B.C.R.A.

Shade variations


V3 High



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Level by Emilgroup obtains NSF food contact certification

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Level new 20MM thickness