A Dream Bathroom in the Attic: Interview with the architect

The project of an original bathroom that embodies harmony between vitality, design and practicality. We asked architect Aleksandra Andrejkow of FORMAlinia design firm how she managed to create this unique space with the skilful use of the Medley ceramic collection by Ergon.

What is the philosophy behind your interior design projects?

In my projects I always look for solutions that make the space as practical as possible, but at the same time I want the interior to speak for itself, telling the story of its owner. Enhancing the character of the owner and making the space practical, functional and more comfortable is the hallmark of all my projects. I believe that the place we spend our time in has a big impact on our mood, so I try to find the right energy for each interior.

What excited you about this project?

In this project, the aim was to create a functional, energetic bathroom for a family of four. My creativity arose when I discovered that the family I was designing for was not afraid to use colours, shapes and patterns. I even received a request to use the colour pink, which is not a very common solution.

What did you appreciate most about Emilgroup products and services?

I was happy to find that the Medley collection by Ergon combined all the features I was looking for: an interesting shade of pink and a bold pattern. I am happy to have been able to create a complete place using a single collection: on both walls and floors. Pink was requested for this bathroom and the shade proposed by Medley was really interesting: not the typical pink, but a mix between skin pink and eggshell. I really like the way the surface changes depending on the light.

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28 March 2024


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