Art and Functionality: A Dream Bathroom in the attic

FORMAlinia Aleksandra Andrejkow

A bold and original project capable of transforming an apparently limited space into an oasis of art and functionality. It is a bathroom of just over 9 square metres located in an attic, designed to accommodate a family of four.

Due to its special location under a sloping roof, this bathroom presented a unique challenge that FORMAlinia Aleksandra Andrejkow design firm embraced creatively. By using the pink shade of the Medley by Ergon collection, in the different Minimal, Rock and Classic finishes, she managed to create a cosy and natural ambience.

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Energy and freshness permeate the entire bathroom, enhancing the artistic nature of its occupants. The smooth white surfaces on the walls contrast with the lively Venetian-style terrazzo, creating a unique balance between functionality and aesthetics.

The front doors of the storage cabinet are also a tribute to the peculiar floor pattern, the heart of the furniture. This appeal creates a visual continuity linking each element, turning Ergon tiles into a canvas where the aesthetics of the bathroom is painted.

The interior wall of the shower is a work of art that surprises and enchants, with the defined and irregular flakes of the Pink Rock finish. A bold and unexpected touch that adds to the artistic dimension offering a unique visual experience for those using the space.

This original project is a testimony to how intelligent design can transform even the most intimate spaces into functional works of art. Architect Aleksandra Andrejkow masterfully fused aesthetics and practicality, giving this family a room that is more than a place of service: it is an artistic and lively refuge in the heart of their home.

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