Casa de las aguas - Interview with architect Raul Lorente

A detached house permeated with a Mediterranean essence, drawing inspiration from an ancient casón in the Murcia region of Spain. Architect Raul Lorente told us about his creative process, highlighting how the fusion of design and structure resulted in a unique residence. In this project, Ergon's Stone Talk collection helps to create a frame of natural tones, adding a touch of timeless sophistication.

What is the philosophy behind your design projects?

When we start a new project, the thing we are most excited about is immersing ourselves in the identity of the customer's home. We like different projects and are flexible to provide the ultimate in personality, aesthetics and functionality. We do not like to repeat design, we love variety. We believe that each and every customer deserves the best from us, which is why projects are realised in a personalised, intimate manner and with great care.

What excited you more about this project?

We liked the idea of collaborating with the architectural firm that had built the residential structure and that we did not know, we wanted to make the most of this relationship. We worked together throughout the realisation of the work and the result was a success. Creating such soft, neutral, cosy and warm spaces was our premise, starting with a very simple idea, without many trimmings, letting the materials speak for themselves and become the soul of the house. Like an envelope that wraps and protects. This house has a Mediterranean soul, fresh, it smells of the sea, and we wanted to convey these very values.

What did you most appreciate about Emilgroup?

Emilgroup ceramic materials give the spaces a very pleasant, continuous and calm image. The combination of two different stone-effect finishes from the Stone Talk collection by Ergon, the cleanliness of the finish, the impression and the quality itself are the main reasons that led us to select this product, being aware that the Emilgroup brand is a guarantee of premium materials.

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21 March 2024


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