Redevelopment of the Pittarello space in Vienna: interview with the architect

We had a chat with Architect Annalisa Ruzzon, who was in charge of the redevelopment of an outlet store of the shoe and accessories chain Pittarello in Vienna. The Alter and Ego collections of the Provenza brand were selected for the project.

What is your approach as a designer when designing new spaces?

My approach is mainly based on listening, trying to totally empathise with customers. I accompany them on their design journey, entering their lives to be able to respond to their requests, without ever encroaching on their habits and lifestyles. I only make the most of each space by rendering it harmonious in finishes and colours. In fact, I believe that every space is different and unique.

What led you to select our collections for your project?

The choice of the Provenza brand collections, in particular Alter in the Noce shade combined with the Ego collection in the Grigio shade, arose from Pittarello's need to renew its finishes and project itself towards an industrial style, which is also recalled by the type of furniture. The Provenza collections are present in all spaces enhancing any finish and, above all, enhancing the "boom" of colour that never fails and that has always characterised the brand.

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What did you most appreciate about our collections and services?

One of Emilgroup's strengths is the wide range of finishes that allows any request to be met, but above all what we appreciated most was the speed of delivery. The latter factor is indeed crucial in our work because it allows us to keep to deadlines in increasingly complicated projects.

In this context of changes and evolutions in commercial spaces as well, how does porcelain stoneware set?

Porcelain stoneware is a very versatile material and is ideal for high traffic commercial environments, such as a Pittarello store. Porcelain stoneware, and in particular the Emilgroup collections, have infinite textures that can meet all requirements. For this project, we chose to combine stone with a wood finish that makes any setting warm and cosy. Porcelain stoneware allows any type of design result to be realised.

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20 December 2022


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