Tele di Marmo Revolution: interview with the Designer

Emilceramica extends the scope of Tele di Marmo with the addition of four variants inspired by four fresh looks of the material that is the icon of classical style, steeped in natural elegance and innate charisma. Tele di Marmo Revolution is the contemporary interpretation of marble now included in the Tele di Marmo project, the aesthetic crucible of ideas linked to the work of great artists of all ages and geographical origins. Giancarlo Macchioni, Emilgroup Head of R&D and Marketing Director, introduces us to the new entries to this collection.


How does the Tele di Marmo Revolution collection fit into the Tele di Marmo line? Which particular features does it add?


Tele di Marmo Revolution expands the range by introducing colours that complete the Tele di Marmo line. It is the outcome of ambitious research into the choicest marbles, adopting an innovative approach to art that focuses on studying colour and design starting from the symbiosis of natural elements, with inspiration from the world's most amazing landscapes. Green is today's colour, very trendy during 2019-2020: we've chosen Verde Saint Denis, with colour and patterning that express the very essence of nature, where aesthetic daring and the drive for authenticity meet.Highly original Calacatta Black encapsulates every shade of deep black, interspersed with white and grey veins. The look evokes that of the marble of the same name quarried in the Apuan Alps, an invaluable input for high-impact design schemes. In the Blu Ande variant we have explored the deep-set patterning of crystal and the glinting hues of seawater, referencing the beauty of the "marble cathedrals" on Lake General Carrera, between Argentina and Chile. With Thassos we have achieved the effect of crystal itself, emphasising all its transparency and depth: porcelain stoneware becomes the embodiment of light, in an immaculately pure white. Also added to the range are the Acanto decor, a reproduction of the acanthus leaf using the art of mosaic, and the new 120x278 cm size in 6.5 mm thickness, ideal for wall coverings and in line with modern architectural trends.


Let's talk about the Acanto decor: the mosaic that enriches and enhances the effect of marble


Study of different patterns has originated Acanto, a true artistic decor, of great expressive power. The mosaic effect created using tiny marble chips enables perfect linkage and combination between slabs, on all 4 sides, giving interiors visual continuity and increasing interior design and architectural potentials.

The Tele di Marmo Revolution collection achieves its supreme expression in 120x278 cm slabs in 6.5 mm thickness. Which design needs does this size respond to?


Nowadays, the ceiling height of most homes is 270-280 cm, and to cover this requirement we have expanded our range of sizes by introducing the 120x278 cm size. This means that a single slab can reach from floor to ceiling, for the utmost visual continuity.


What are the ideal intended uses of the Tele di Marmo Revolution collection?


The variety of sizes and wide range of original decors and colours, which also offer visual continuity, provide the architect with vast freedom of expression, enabling the creation of innovative architectural spaces, rich in unusual impressions and combinations but superlatively elegant and stylish. As well as the world of architecture, the Tele di Marmo Revolution collection is also wonderful for residential use: its tasteful colours and unique decors make it perfect for giving individuality to home design schemes, still with the same elegant simplicity.

01 May 2020


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