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The exclusive Cloud 9 American bar in the heart of Turin gets a makeover thanks to the collection Narciso by Viva

Visiting the Cloud 9 American bar in Turin is a real experience of the highest level. Exclusive spaces, sophisticated furnishings, elegant design: a unique meeting place immersed in a lush park. To convey the values of Cloud 9 and the feeling of literally being "on a cloud”, Lageard Architettura firm selected the collection Narciso by Viva, which evokes antique mirrors, elegantly oxidised by the passage of time. The Frammenti decoration recreates a harmonious sequence of mirror splinters on the surface and manages to convey the feeling of “floating” as if inside a cloud.

Discover the collections used

The Narciso collection was used to re-floor the entire bar. The Frammenti decoration was used in the shade Zaffiro in the sizes 60x120, 30x60, 146x590 and 46x1200.

Photo credit: Fabio Oggero