The colours and shapes of sweetness

Desserts as interpreted by the Medley by Ergon collection for creative, welcoming interior design

In the heart of Murcia, an original ice-cream parlour welcomes customers with an interior designed to convey the sweetness typical of home-made desserts.

Studio Lemon, which handled the architectural design, made creative use of shapes and colours to directly evoke the decorations of desserts, the flavours of ice-creams and the softness of custards. Medley by Ergon was chosen by Studio Lemon for its distinctive colour scheme: “The Venetian Terrazzo’s different shapes and colours gave versatility and originality to the spaces”.

Discover the collections used

"For the floors, we selected White Classic 90x90, while for the walls we chose the Classic finish in Blue colour, 90x90 size; the counter was covered with Blue Rock 60x120 in an attractive total combination of shapes and colours that created an interior of great personality”.