Elegant, modern stone look porcelain stoneware for lofts

Elegant, modern stone look porcelain stoneware for lofts

Stone look porcelain stoneware embraces an ambitious interior design challenge: that of bringing the distinctive beauty of stone into our homes. A challenge it has overcome with a blend of authenticity and technology. Supported by the most advanced ceramic technologies of the kind adopted by the Emilgroup solutions, latest generation stone look stoneware offers a very accurate reproduction of the natural impressions of stone. The detail of every stratification, the grain and the roughness, precisely defined after lengthy research to give stone look tiles all the natural beauty of a rock face. At the same time, their technical performances give stone look tiles outstanding resistance, not only to impacts but also to wear over time and damage by weather and chemicals – a rock-solid covering, in every sense.

Perhaps the biggest benefits from the use of stone look porcelain stoneware for indoors derive from its vast design potential. In the trendiest styles, stone look tiles play a leading role in expressing elegance and modernity. From the most rustic traditional design schemes, stone look tiles have extended their scope to the brightest interior design horizons, becoming the first-choice covering solution for the most pop, contemporary locations. And it is in lofts – the utmost expression of modern taste – that stone look porcelain stoneware meets the most avant-garde style. A loft with imitation stone floors perfectly represents the urban lifestyle and living space: large open plan areas, all the primordial strength of stone, and a loft resonates with fresh yet ancient impressions – because, in the final analysis, what is a loft if not the modern, designer version of a cave? So stone look stoneware becomes the favourite choice for decorating the most sophisticated interiors.

Choosing the right stone look stoneware floor tiles

When it comes to stone look floor tiles, it should be remembered that the design potentials that open out before us are virtually infinite. From stone look tiles in warm colours linked to the Mediterranean tradition through to Nordic moods in cooler shades: thanks to stone look porcelain stoneware, the rocky impressions of the most beautiful landscapes from all over the world can be brought into domestic interiors. Stone look stoneware floor tiles are equally ideal for the most rustic interiors and the design of elegant stone floors.

When choosing the imitation stone floor covering best suited to interiors’ style and requirements, colour is a fundamental parameter. Shades of grey, amongst the most popular, adapt elegantly to all furnishing schemes, especially in the lightest tones – excellent for adding luminosity to rooms. Beige is the right choice for intimate, comfortable yet refined moods, and can be combined tone-on-tone for a more relaxing look or with brighter colours for characterful contrasts. Imitation stone floors in dark colours are a daring choice, with great personality and sophistication, ideal for contemporary, refined interiors where contrasts play a major role. 

When it comes to elegance, mention should be made of Elegance Pro by Ergon – a classy, refined expression of every facet of sandstone. The collection is the outcome of research work into this stone’s most authentic impressions – from its tactile sensations to the delicate patterning of its sedimentation – which has yielded a product of genuinely contemporary design. Elegance Pro is available in seven colour variants and four different finishes, constantly expanding the array of design potentials. What’s more, the Shield technology guarantees the stone look tiles total, lasting antimicrobial protection.

The minimalist style of stone look tiles

Stone look porcelain stoneware is a very popular material for the design projects most responsive to contemporary taste. In this style, less is more, in an affirmation of a return to origins, simplicity and a rejection of the superfluous in appearance, material or workmanship. In this trend, the use of imitation stone tiles and floorings is particularly effective in achieving minimalism. Stone conveys simplicity, so designers are increasingly choosing stone look floor and paving tiles for outdoor use and for every room in the home – a design project that aims for minimalism without ever risking excessive plainness.

In fact, the expressive potentials of imitation stone floorings are far from limited.

Unique Bleu by Provenza is a fine example of this. The name refers to the iconic Belgian Pierre Bleue, a sedimentary rock with unmistakable blue-grey facets and a crystalline grain. This rock’s unique reflective look is moulded into a sophisticated, versatile collection, able to confer character and refinement on any surface, starting from the two dominant colour shades (Gris and Anthracite), which offer a wealth of architectural possibilities, from the Noble and Ancienne finishes to the interlocking effects of the Opus decors. The range of tile sizes meets the needs of any space – the size 80 x 80 cm x 20 mm thick is specifically intended for stone look outdoor pavings. 

Stone look stoneware for your kitchen

While no room of the home is immune to stone’s appeal, stone look porcelain stoneware in the kitchen definitely offers unique design solutions. Simplicity, personality, modernity – imitation stone tiles give the kitchen a mood of genuineness and sophistication to delight the most refined contemporary tastes.

Stone look porcelain stoneware in the kitchen is perfectly aligned with the theme of heat, the induction of fire, food preparation and a creative, active kitchen lifestyle. A kitchen with a stone look stoneware floor highlights the furniture, and this covering looks great with wood, in an exquisite interplay of materials. Stone look stoneware is also striking as a wall covering and is ideal for a dialogue with other furnishings that emphasises the kitchen’s character as a place for experimentation and strong tastes, even in its design.
The most popular stone look porcelain stoneware tiles for the kitchen include the Oros Stone collection by Ergon: a homage to Greek quartzite in all its evocative, tactile power. The key feature of the collection is light, as the gaze is fascinated by the details of the glints and refractions within the stone. Oros Stone enhances the impressions of quartz and the microcrystals trapped in its variegated surface. The six colours (White, Sand, Greige, Grey, Sky Blue and Anthracite) and the many and varied decorative potentials create density and interplays of light that enable a broad array of design projects. An authentic, inexhaustible beauty, to be explored in the profiles and potentials of the stone look tiles.


07 February 2022


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