Kekomo Japanese restaurant

Ergon defines Kekomo restaurant’s new look

The and Tr3nd by Ergon collections feature in the major restyling project by architect Pablo Muñoz Payá for the Kekomo Japanese restaurant on the outskirts of Alicante.

The Kekomo project,” comments the architect, “arose from the need to change the image of the premises, where previously the family butchers’ business was combined with the take-away Japanese food trade.” The new look has allowed the restaurant to leave its past use behind and enter the world of contemporary catering.

Discover the collections used

The by Ergon collection in the 60x60 cm size was chosen for the restaurant’s floor. The series’ minimal aesthetic is combined with high technical performance, which guarantees high resistance to foot traffic. The semi-polished finish also makes the interior brighter and more reflective.

For the cladding of the external facade, the Tr3nd by Ergon collection was used with the distinctive Needle Black decor in the 30x30 cm size. The series, selected in a dark shade, created a contrast with the interior and gave the facade a handcrafted aesthetic, enhancing the iconic shape of the project’s gabled section.

Read the interview with the architect here.


Photo Credits: Jesús Granada