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Q_Stone by Provenza

The collection with amazing reflected light effects for refined interiors.

The Q_Stone collection by Provenza inspires emotions and conveys passions: design that nurtures individual personality.

Q for Quartzite, Q for Quality. This series has a clear geological inspiration. For Provenza, loveliness is never an end in itself: the elegance, beauty and convenience of a floor covering are just the initial key to a project. Therefore, the collection offers wall and floor coverings of outstanding quality, style and design. The application solutions of Q-Stone by Provenza are perfect for furnishing the rooms of apartments or private lofts, including not just lounges, dining-rooms and bedrooms but also bathrooms and kitchens. They are also ideal for furnishing public places such as restaurants, entertainment venues, museums, showrooms, shops or offices. Q-Stone confers immense character, style and chic on the entire living-space; the dancing reflected light generated on each tile gives the interior a unique spaciousness, perfect for making the room appear larger. The collection comes in three pale shades, from grey to beige, suitable for combination with darker shades like midnight blue, maroon, dark grey and many others.
Q_Stone - 3374

Sizes and colours

9,5 mm

30x60 cm




DIN 51130

Shade variations


V3 High

Intended uses

HEAVY COMMERCIAL--Alto traffico pedonale (es. stazioni ferroviarie, aereoporti, centri commerciali)