Exploring the Mediterranean atmosphere of La Corte with the Mapierre, Landscape and Level collections

Architect Gaia Sonzogni from GAIA/S DESIGN and architect Andrea Benedetti

Miami Beach, where luxury blends with tropical nature, is the vibrant setting for La Corte villa, an architectural creation that embodies the essence of Spanish “cortes” with a touch of modernity and Italian sophistication. This unique residence, a collaboration between renowned architects Gaia Sonzogni of GAIA/S DESIGN and Andrea Benedetti, constitutes an unprecedented creative and technical challenge.

From the very beginning of the project, there were several challenges facing the two architectural firms, challenges that made the work stimulating and rewarding. The project’s technical level is raised by its compliance with the flood line, the level that water could rise to in the event of hurricanes, along with the need for highly watertight windows and doors, and a different approach to the use of sunlight, which remains outside the house.

A meticulous study of the winds led to the design of the “closed” “C” shape of the villa’s grounds, which not only creates a true extension of living space, but also increases privacy. The living area has been designed to perfectly integrate with the surrounding landscape thanks to the large windows, which allow total interpenetration between indoor and outdoor spaces. The attention to detail is also reflected in the bedrooms, which are designed like suites with walk-in wardrobes and private bathrooms.

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The importance of materials

A key component of this project was the choice of materials. Specifically, the architects opted for Emilgroup porcelain stoneware products to tile the residence’s five bathrooms. Level Onyx Green slabs, which recall the tones of crystal-clear water, were used for the powder room. The Mapierre collection in the Blanc shade created a refined and neutral bathroom environment, with Noble and Ligne finishes to differentiate the use of the space. The various finishes in the Landscape collection were selected for two of the residence’s five bathrooms, in the Avorio and Cenere colours, conveying a feeling of naturalness and balance to the spaces, which is essential for this kind of project. The Level Stone Travertino Vein White slabs, which reproduce the typical longitudinal veining of the cut in the direction of the vein, add a touch of luxury and refinement, completing the atmosphere of any bathroom with style and class.

The La Corte project was driven by a commitment to sustainable urban regeneration. “We undertook a shared and very specific project that required numerous rules to be followed,” the architects explain. “We are proud to have contributed to a regeneration process that is environmentally friendly and efficient in recycling and renovating the building sector without generating new land consumption.”

La Corte villa is not just a luxury residence, but also an example of how architecture and design can meet technical and creative challenges in the unique urban context of Miami Beach. Thanks to the designers’ vision and commitment, this residence embodies the essence of sophisticated and sustainable living in the tropical city.

Photos: Hannah Forrester Studio and gaia_s_studio

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