Lippulaiva Shopping Mall

Franz Design and ARCO Architecture Company

The Lippulaiva Shopping Mall project combined the Ego by Provenza and Grain Stone by Ergon collections with originality and creativity, taking an innovative approach and fully exploiting both materials’ potential.
The project, constructed in Finland, is the outcome of a partnership between two architecture firms, Franz Design and ARCO Architecture Company, and was the winner in the “Creativity” category at the Emilgroup Project Awards 2023.

This fascinating fusion of the Ego and Grain Stone collections enabled the design of a unique location, with the distinctive characteristics of each material attractively combined for an overall effect of great appeal and sophistication.

The resulting shopping centre reaches beyond the merely functional and offers visitors an exciting, aesthetically satisfying experience.

Discover the collections used

Their intelligent choice of collections reveals the architects’ skill in combining different materials to create a unique, avant-garde location.

In partnership, the two firms designed a shopping centre outstanding in both its technical and its aesthetic values: an attractive yet convenient place which welcomes thousands of people every day.

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