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300 Gradi-abaco-3376

300 Gradi by Viva

Ideal for giving locations variety, character and an unusual, surprising design.

The 300° ceramic collection by Viva from Emilgroup is an original series based on three variants of salvaged wood and a Tangram.

The colour variants available give interiors an attractive variegation and aesthetic personality. Tinto, Back and Essenze are the variants of the Emilgroup collection. Tinto is a distinctive type of stained wood in various shades of grey. Back is a sophisticated evocation of the underside of salvaged wood. The effect is that of a highly varied surface, with the tile sizes often indistinguishable within the laying pattern. Essenze mixes the woods from old planks of different origins and variegated colours. For original design schemes with a strong aesthetic personality, without sacrificing the technical qualities of porcelain stoneware. The series is completed by the 80x80 Tangram tile which interlocks, builds up and breaks down geometric forms, the basis for infinite installation layouts. Attractive, unconventional effects run across the surface, enriching the most innovative design schemes.
300 Gradi - 3377

Sizes and colours

9,5 mm

20x120 cm
80x80 cm

10 mm

80x80 cm




DIN 51130

Shade variations


V3 High

Intended uses

HEAVY COMMERCIAL--Alto traffico pedonale (es. stazioni ferroviarie, aereoporti, centri commerciali)




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